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Rent A Car in Mirdif, Dubai

Rent a car in Mirdif and enjoy the grandeur with a touch of class. With its cosmopolitan location, Mirdif has a multipurpose shopping mall that comes with calm and serene surroundings that ignite its purpose. This place offers a variety of activities, including climbing a wall, gaming centres, bowling, and rides. Mirdif is beautifully sitting in the bosom of the city, and it also offers a wide range of entertainment centres, dining, and shopping arcades with a unique area of recreation and leisure. Visit daily & monthly car hire deals to book a rental car in Mirdif.

FriendsCarRental fulfils your transportation needs by helping you choose a car of your choice from its largest fleet of cars. We spread our services all over the UAE. Book Now for the best deals and make your stay memorable. Our prices are the cheapest to rent a car in Mirdif. No hidden charges, zero commission.

Why Rent A Car in Mirdif?

You need a car from FriendsCarRental to have the feel of this beautiful city, enjoy its adorable natural presence, and have easy access to any location at your own pace.

Exploring the ins and outs of Mirdif

Mirdif is in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai and has the beautiful City Center. Mirdif City Center offers interesting places to spend your whole day at this easily accessible mall. The mall has over 250+ brands like Nike, Forever 21, Sephora, and many more to visit. You need time; you need your car because public transport will be too busy to wait for you till you finish.

Mirdif’s entire self and experience will be revealed by leasing a car. You can explore all the beautiful places in Mirdif and leave as you wish. All you need is to wear your seatbelt.

Cheapest Car Rental (Travel Safely, Save well)

It may sound very weird to you, but renting a car in Mirdif without a deposit is possible; we help you to escape public transport stress. Public transport isn’t cheap. To be candid, it can’t be accessed everywhere in the UAE. Hiring a car is the best option to make travel stress-free and daily rounds hassle-free. Renting a car in Mirdif is cheaper than public transport. It saves money. It releases you from the cuffs of card fault, card blockage, and funds delay because it is the cheapest car rental in Mirdif without a deposit.

Comfort and owning the seat

If your comfort matters to you, then it would be awesome to rent a car. This will enable you to plan your travel and schedules at your own pace. Public transport can’t satisfy you completely. With its congestion and stressful way, you’ll never achieve convenience.

Types of Cars Available for Rent in Mirdif

We provide an extensive fleet of cars including SUVs, sedans, coups, sports, convertibles, crossovers, fast cars, hybrids, luxury, economy, and saloons. Find any car of your choice with us. We have pocket-friendly packages. Please speak to us now or check our website to see our various Audi, Lamborghini, GMC, Nissan, Lexus, Ferrari, Cadillac, BMWs, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Range Rover and many more brands. Book today and get doorstep delivery.

Requirements To Rent A Car

As our loyal customer, FriendsCarRental makes it possible for anyone to rent a car. The process is simple and not tedious. Simple A, B, and C steps can be done on a phone call, web app, or mobile app. These are the required documents to hire a car in Mirdif:

  •   A copy of a valid passport and a visa or a valid emirate ID
  •    A valid driving license or an International Driving Permit (IDP)
  •    Valid payment options like (Credit card, Debit card, Cash, Bank Transfer, Online payment)
  •    You should be 21 years old

Why Choose Friendscarrental To Rent In Mirdif?

Choosing us for your car rental needs is the best choice. Renting a car in Mirdif from us is an ideal decision since we have the zeal always to do more for our customers to achieve top-most comfort and satisfaction. We have the;

Lowest Prices

Tailor-fit competitive prices are made in this rental market for everyone. Fortunately, we are located in all the Emirates regions and have one of the cheapest car rental services. Get prices as low as AED 150 for daily, AED 450 for weekly, and AED 1500 for monthly. Browse our daily car rental, weekly car rental and monthly car rental deals in mirdif to book today!

No hidden Charges

We mean it when we say no hidden charges and no hidden policies. Our services are dedicated to providing loyalty and openness. You get value for your money.

Chauffeur Services

FriendsCarRental has professional and skillful drivers who have devoted their time and purpose to serving you. We are on top of the league in the chauffeuring business. All of our drivers are Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA)approved and familiar with ins and outs of Dubai. Our drivers are multilingual, respectful and understanding. Experience the actual definition of kingship with our chauffeur services. As a king, wear your seatbelt, relax, and enjoy the smooth cruise in the beautiful Mirdif city. 

The Largest fleet of vehicle

A friend in need is a friend indeed — this adage is in our hearts, so we have gone further to stock our garages with over 950+ vehicles that will suit our customer's everyday choices. Do you want to exercise your feet on the accelerator pedal of your dream car? Don’t worry, we have it. Is it a convertible, SUV, sports car, economy, or saloon car? Dream of the vehicle or the brand? Just call us, book it, close your eyes, open it, grab the keys, and cruise in style.

No deposit car rental

Choose your choice and rent a car in Mirdif without a deposit. Are you surprised? Yes, it is true. This helps to reduce upfront cost. Hassle and stress are no more. Remember, no hidden charges.

Installment payment plan

We care about our customers, so we have sewed a payment plan that enables you to rent a car in installments depending on your eligibility and credit score. Rent in installments now and pay later. Pay through 4 interest-free payments. Just pay your installments on time. No hidden charges.

Airport Car rental service

We have customized our services to enable tourists to get the needed service from all the UAE airports. Hire a car at the airport by calling or booking online. Our airport car rental is easily accessible, our drivers are always on standby to deliver the car at airport. You can rent a car at the airport any day, any time.

Best Places to Stay in Mirdif

Mirdif has some beautiful places for you. They come with comfort and satisfaction. It is among the most famous residential places in Dubai. A few of the many great places to stay in Mirdif have family-friendly areas with useful amenities for your comfort.

Listed below are a few of the great hotels to stay in Mirdif, Dubai;

  • Meliá Desert Palm member Meliá collection (approximately 12.52 km away from DXB Airport)
  • Vida Creek Beach (approximately 5 km away from DXB Airport)
  • TIME Onyx Hotel Apartments (approximately 18.88 Km away from DXB Airport)
  • Millennium Place Madrid (approximately 8.28 km away from DXB Airport)

Top Tourist Sites And Things To Do in Mirdif

Mirdif has many beautiful places. A few tourist sites have put the city on the map. The list below is a few tourist attractions in Mirdif:

  • Dubai Crocodile Park 
  • Mirdif Park
  • Uptown Mirdif Park
  • iFly Dubai
  • Immersive Gamebox - Mirdif City Center

Frequently Asked Question

FriendsCarRental has made it possible. You don’t need a credit card or security deposit to hire a car in Mirdif. It is almost impossible to find a car rental service that doesn’t require a deposit. FriendsCarRental offers no deposit and various payment options (Credit card/ Debit card/ Cash/ Bank transfer/ Online payment/ Google Pay/ Apple Pay). Don’t worry about deposits. Just choose a car from our fleet of luxury, sports and economy cars.

You can schedule vehicle delivery from all the airports to your Mirdif hotel or office. Our service for renting cars is customized to fit your needs and wants. Just let us know about your flight, and we will make sure that your rental car is ready for you at the airport’s arrival. You have the option to get delivery at your office or hotel in Mirdif or anywhere in the UAE. Just let us know when you are ready.

Yes, you can lease a car one way and have time for your other travel plans. Have no worries about returning it. You can rent at one particular spot or city and drop it off at another city. When you make your reservations, inform us about your intention and where you intend to drop it.

There are various parking places in Mirdif. The City Center Mirdif has free parking for its customers and can accommodate 800+ vehicles at a point in time. Also, you can find a few places like Mushrif Park, Al Rashidiya Park, and Al Warqa Third Community Facility Park. Moreover, resorts, hotels, and restaurants have parking spaces for their guests. Find the roadside metered parking spaces to park and charges start from AED 2/hour.

Many amenities are available for the residents and tourists in Mirdif such as City Centre Mirdif, Mushrif Park, schools, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, banks & ATMs, gyms and fitness centers, salons and spas and many more. The community consists of local villas, residential apartments, townhouses and a mix of non-gated and gated compounds. Some residential communities are Uptown Mirdif, Ghoroob, Mirdif Tulip, Shurooq, Mirdif Hills, and Manarat Living II.

Yes, you can modify or cancel your car rental reservation. You can get in touch with our rental agent to change it. Contact us by sending us a message or call us directly. It is better to cancel reservations before 24 hours to become eligible for a refund. On the contrary, a last-minute cancellation will cost you some fees. Make sure you read our terms and conditions before you make any reservations.

It is simple to find a car rental near Mirdif. Open your browser on your device and search for “Car rentals in Mirdif near me.” Click on FriendsCarRental to browse our latest cars and choose your car. You can also call our customer service to make reservations directly and schedule your delivery. We will deliver a car of your choice anytime to wherever you are in Mirdif, Dubai.

Open your browser and search “ to book. Look through our latest models available for booking, choose the one that suits you, and click on “Book Now” to proceed forward. You need to fill out some basic information to send an inquiry to our customer service agent. We will get back to you by phone or email within a few minutes. You can also speak to any of our customer service representatives at +971555343340 to book yourself a rental car.

The speed limit on major routes is 80 km/hour, school zones 40 km/hour and residential areas 60 km/hour. Ensure you maintain your speed limit (which may change promptly) to avoid RTA/ Police fines. Also, UAE’s general laws apply to Mirdif. These include seat belts (AED 400 fine, 4 black points), parking rules, driving on the right-hand side, overtaking on the left, good eyesight, no alcohol consumption (AED 20,000 fine & jail), correct documents, maintain safe distance between vehicles, respect signs and zebra crossing (crosswalks), child safety seats for children under 4 years old (AED 400 fine & 4 black points) and more. U-turns are only allowed in designated places and use of cell phones is prohibited while driving (800 AED fine).

Yes, you can do that if your stay is extended in Mirdif. However, you should contact us soon to extend your rental period. It helps us take the necessary steps to extend your rental. Also, our car rental service allows you to switch between cars during the same hire. Enjoy the driving experience of all the vehicles you desire.