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Rent A Car at Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)

Al Maktoum International Airport also known as Dubai World Central (DWC) is an airport of the future situated 37 kilometers southwest of Dubai in Jebel Ali. In 2050, Al Maktoum International (DWC) will be one of the largest airports in the world that can accommodate nearly 260 million passengers and 15 million tonnes of cargo annually. The airport is in the heart of the southern portion of Dubai, an extensive development with residential, commercial and logistics zones. The area is surrounded by six distinct areas including Dubai Logistics City, Commercial City, Residential City, Aviation City and Golf City. The entire under-construction area is double the size of Hong Kong Island.

Al Maktoum International Airport is accessible from multiple regions of Dubai and the nearby areas due to its location near major roads like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). Thankfully there are various choices for transportation such as taxis, Metro, buses, limousines and car rentals. Among these choices, renting a car is the most convenient choice for a hassle-free journey. Booking your rental car through FriendsCarRental today is a must if you're arriving at Al Maktoum International Airport and want to make your time in Dubai and the surrounding areas easy and smooth.

Average Car Rental Rates at DWC Airport

The price to rent a car at DWC airport depends on the type of car, rental period and availability. Rent from us starts at AED 150 per day, AED 900 per week or AED 3000 per month. FriendsCarRental can assist you in finding cheap airport car rentals that match your budget and preferences. Additionally, economy cars are usually more budget-friendly than luxury or sports cars. Discounts are available for longer periods and daily rentals are more costly than weekly or monthly leasing. Check out our cheap Dubai (DWC-Al Maktoum Intl.) rental cars and start making plans for your getaway. Last-minute booking can cost higher rates, especially during peak times. So, Booking your rental car in advance can get you better deals.

Required documents to rent a car at Al Maktoum Intl. Airport:

  • Valid Driver's License: A valid driver's license from your home country or an International Driving Permit (IDP).
  • Passport and Visa: Provide a copy of your passport or a valid visa.
  • Age Requirement: Make sure you are aware that you must be at least 21 years old to rent a car in the UAE. Keep in mind that some high-end cars have age limits that are higher than 25.
  • Additional Driver's Information: Please provide the driver's license and identification for any additional drivers you plan to have.

Book Cheap Car Rental at Al Maktoum Intl. Airport

Book a cheap rental car at Al Maktoum International Airport to start your trip on a budget. This smart move not only allows you to explore Dubai and the neighbourhoods at your own pace but also makes things easy from the moment you arrive. Consider aspects like the rental duration, the type of car and any special discounts. FriendsCarRental strives to be affordable without reducing the standard of our service. Enjoy our extensive selection of vehicles from budget-friendly to luxury to make sure there is an ideal choice for every traveller. Also, booking in advance to get better deals to maximize your savings. Having your own wheels gives you more freedom to see the sights of Dubai while staying within your budget. Choose a cheap car rental at Al Maktoum International Airport to make your trip special without breaking the bank. Arriving on DXB Intl. Airport? Book now your airport car rental.

To get affordable car rentals at DWC follow these tips:

  • Plan for early booking savings and better rates.
  • Carefully consider your trip plans to get the best deal on prices as lower daily rates are usually available for longer rentals.
  • On our deals page, keep an eye out for offers or discounts.
  • Choose smaller and fuel-efficient cars that provide cheaper rental costs.
  • We provide cheaper rates for flexible pick-up and drop-off times. Check if adjusting your schedule can help with cost savings.
  • Some rental packages come with insurance and other amenities that are cheaper than getting them separately.
  • Consider travelling during off-peak seasons when rental rates are lower due to lower demand.

Best Hotels Near DWC Airport

Our carefully selected list of 5-star hotels near Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) reveals unmatched luxury. Enjoy luxury and superior amenities while you relax in these fantastic accommodations. Each offers an amazing experience from famous landmarks to luxury resorts. Take your stay to the next level and enjoy the best in service close to DWC Airport.

Here are some luxury 5-star hotels close to the Airport:

  1. Holiday Inn Dubai al-Maktoum Airport, an IHG Hotel:
    • Location: Aviation City, Dubai South, Dubai
    • Distance from DWC: Approximately 2.0 km
  2. Staybridge Suites Dubai al-Maktoum Airport, an IHG Hotel:
    • Location: Aviation City A, Dubai South, Dubai
    • Distance from DWC: Approximately 1.7 km
  3. Aloft Dubai South:
    • Location: Al Maktoum International Air, Dubai South, Dubai
    • Distance from DWC: Approximately 2.7 km
  4. Rove Expo 2020:
    • Location: Horizon Avenue, Dubai
    • Distance from DWC: Approximately 22 km
  5. easyHotel Dubai Jebel Ali:
    • Location: JAFZA Food Court 1, Street 724, near DP World, Mina Jebel Ali, Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai
    • Distance from DWC: Approximately 25.4 km

Nearby Driving Safety and Security

The roads around DWC Airport need to be carefully navigated to make sure safe and secure driving. Here are some important tips:

  • Follow traffic signals and speed limits [60 km/h (37 mph) or 80 km/h (50 mph)] in the Airport area.
  • Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists while there is heavy traffic.
  • Don't use phone while driving to avoid being distracted and possible fines.
  • Choose designated parking areas to avoid RTA fines at the airport.
  • Pull over to the side of the road immediately upon hearing the sirens to ensure that emergency vehicles can pass safely.
  • Maintain lane discipline and steering clear of sudden lane changes will make driving more pleasant and safe.
  • Contact police (999), ambulance (998) or fire department (997) In case of emergencies as needed.

Airport Parking at Al Maktoum

Al Maktoum Airport continues to expand 100,000 parking lots to meet the needs of more and more travelers. Right now, a mere fraction of these spots are being used. More parking will become available as the airport gets closer to its annual passenger capacity of 160 million. The majority of parking spots will be underground and placed in massive parking complexes that can accommodate both passengers and staff. 

Types of parking available in DWC:

Short Stay Parking: Quick and easy short stay Parking lots near the terminal are great for short stays. However, it's best not to stay longer than 3–4 hours as they cost money. This parking is the perfect place to pick up or drop off family and friends.

Long Stay Parking: Long-term parking is close to the terminals and takes only a short bus ride. It's great for long trips and family vacations. Before you go, make sure you give yourself enough time to park and get to the airport.

Business Parking: Not recommended for long stays Business parking is more beneficial for short-stay parking as it is closer to the terminal. This makes transfers more frequent and effortless.

Valet Parking: Valet parking is going to be popular among business travellers and will be available at all terminals. Expected prices are:

  • Regular Service: 40 AED - 1 Hour and 20 AED for Additional Hours
  • VIP Service: 75 AED - 1 Hour 1 and 30 AED for Additional Hours

(These prices are sourced from Dubai International Airport and are likely to be similar at Al Maktoum)

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, renting a car directly from Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) is simple and straightforward with FriendsCarRental. Travellers coming into Dubai will have a smooth experience at our hire desk in the airport. Once you arrive, it's easy to get to our services, fill out the necessary paperwork and pick from a wide range of vehicles to fit your budget and preferences. We offer the vehicles you need, whether you're looking for a luxury vehicle to add a little elegance, a spacious SUV for family trips or a compact car for solo tours. Renting a car straight at Al Maktoum Airport provides you the freedom and flexibility to explore Dubai as you please.

We offer an extensive lineup of cars to meet the requirements and desires of all our customers. Our large fleet includes luxury cars for those who want a touch of class, convertibles for driving in the open air, SUVs for spacious and comfortable rides, sports cars for enthusiasts, sedans and coupes for a classic and stylish drive, compact cars for simple manoeuvrability, muscle cars for strong performance and economy cars for travellers on a budget. We have the right car for your trip to Dubai, whether you're going on a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a business trip. Check out our wide range of vehicles to find the right one for your vacation.

Of course, we provide our customers the freedom to return hire cars in different areas of Dubai. This feature is especially helpful for people who will be starting and ending their trips in different places or who would rather not return the car to the place where it was rented. Please let our team know in advance if you plan to return the rental car to another location. This way, we can make the right plans and coordinate the logistics to meet your specific drop-off needs. This will give you more freedom and convenience during your rental time.

Yes, there is a mileage limit for our rental cars at FriendsCarRental. Customers are allowed to drive 250 kilometers per day, 1750 kilometers per week and 4500 kilometers per month. Exceeding these limits during your rental period will cost you extra. The extra mileage charges range from AED 5 to AED 100 per kilometre depending on the model of the car. Carefully monitor your usage to avoid extra fees. If you think you will go over the mileage limit, you should speak to our team about options when you rent the car.

FriendsCarRental provides the convenience of hiring a vehicle from Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) with a professional driver or using our chauffeur service. Our drivers have been authorised by the RTA and know all of Dubai's routes inside and out. They will make sure you have a smooth transportation experience. Booking a rental car with a chauffeur takes away the stress of fines, navigating directions or dealing with traffic. Our drivers can speak English, Arabic, French, Russian, Dutch, Polish and other languages properly. This makes it easier for you to communicate and improves your total travel experience. To book our chauffeured services visit or call us directly. Then provide us information like your flight number, arrival date and time, number of passengers, preferred car type and destination. Our professional chauffeur service will make your trip stress-free.

Yes, the ENOC Compact Station is a conveniently positioned petrol station close to Al Maktoum Airport. The gas station is at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai Logistics City. It's open 24 /7. So, travellers can always get gasoline. The ENOC Compact Station is a reliable place to refuel your rental car. So, you can easily keep the fuel quantity where it needs to be at any time of the day or night. Due to its convenient location, this petrol station makes your trip easier and you can drive with confidence knowing that you can easily refuel.

If you receive a parking or traffic ticket while using the rental car, you need to let us know ASAP. As soon as you notify us about the ticket, we'll tell you what to do to fix the problem. Please give us information about the violation such as the ticket number, date and place, so that we can help you handle it properly. Renters are the ones who have to pay for driving violations or parking tickets. Not taking care of these problems right away could lead to more fines or penalties. You should let us know about any violations as soon as you find out about them so that we can help you figure out the best way to fix the problem.

Yes, we allows customers return rental cars at any time, not just during business hours. We understand that your trip plans may not always line up with our normal business hours and we'll do our best to meet your needs. Please let our team know ahead of time if you need to return the rental car outside of work hours. We can make the necessary plans if you give us enough notice like setting up a safe place to drop off the car or giving you directions on how to return it. Setting up a time to return the rental car with us in advance will make sure it goes smoothly, even if it's not during regular business hours.

Additional drivers can be added in addition to the person who made the initial booking. However, this is possible if specific requirements are satisfied. The minimum age for additional drivers is the same as the main renter, which is usually 21. Legal driving license is required for all drivers including the main renter and any other people who will be driving. For the process to go smoothly, you must give full information about additional drivers when you start the hire including their full name, information from their driver's license and any other necessary paperwork. It is important to discuss with us at the time of rental to know the precise policies for additional drivers.

If your flight is delayed, please let us know right away so we can adjust your arrival time. We know that travel plans can change at the last minute and our dedicated team working with you in those cases. By telling us ahead of time, you give us time to make the necessary changes to make sure your car rental goes smoothly. We'll hold the reservation and work with you to find a good time to pick you up when you get here. Our goal is to be flexible and provide great service. We will make the necessary changes to accommodate you if your trip plans change or delayed.