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Rent GMC Yukon Denali 2024 in Dubai

Rent GMC Yukon Denali 2024 in Dubai
Min Age
Dubai - Free
250 KM/DAY
21 Years

AED 1200  

AED 900








Delivery & Pick-Up Services
Ellipse Branch Pick-up
Ellipse Hotel Delivery
Ellipse Airport Delivery
Supplier Note: +5% VAT Applicable
Car Specs
4 Doors
8 Seats
Auto Transmission
4 Bags
GCC Specs
Car Features
Cruise Control
3D Camera
Blind Warning
Memory Front Seats
Parking Assist
Adaptive Control
Rental Includes
Additional mileage charge
Salik / Toll Charges
Payment Type
Basic Comprehensive
AED 20 / Km
Card, Cash, Bank Transfer
Driver's Age
Chauffeur Charges
21 Years
Looking for an SUV for a complete family adventure in Dubai? Look no further than our latest 2024 Yukon Denali. A top-of-the-line, full-size luxury SUV for eight passengers with ample cargo space. Rent and self-drive GMC Yukon Denali 2024 in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman and set out for an exquisite family adventure across the Emirates.

FriendsCarRental offers you to rent this magnificent GMC SUV in Dubai for exceptionally affordable prices. Utilize Denali’s practicality and performance to boost your Dubai adventure. Drive it for business trips, family gatherings, or to run daily errands with it. It’s a perfect pick for a wholesome SUV experience. Get this SUV using our exclusive rental options for optimal affordability and financial flexibility. Reserve it now to enjoy the best deals! WhatsApp or call us for quick bookings and inquiries.

Cheapest GMC Yukon Denali Rental Price

FriendsCarRental offers the most affordable rental prices for GMC cars in the Dubai market. Our rental prices for this GMC Yukon Denali start at AED 900/day, AED 5500/week, and AED 19500/month. These prices are among the most competitive in Dubai’s rental market. You rarely find cheaper prices than these. All our rental packages offer exceptional amenities and premium customer assistance throughout your rental period. We guarantee you the best value for your money with our GMC Yukon rentals. No hidden fees or charges.

Why Hire a GMC Yukon Denali 2024 in Dubai?

This eight-seater full-size luxury SUV is a perfect pick for a group or family adventure in the Emirates. It’s practical, spacious, powerful, and technologically advanced. Despite not being an ultra-luxury option, this SUV has a lot to offer for your comfortable and convenient travel experience.

Experience luxury with spaciousness

This full-size SUV boasts all the premium components of a luxury SUV. It has a robust 6.2L V8 engine that provides enough power to cruise effortlessly through Emirates highways. It offers appreciable handling and suspension that focus on a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. Denali integrates extremely comfortable heated and ventilated seats covered in high-quality full-grain leather upholstery. Every occupant can relish the luxury of ample legroom and headroom. Foldable rear seats extend the cargo space at the rear end. It’s a very practical and spacious vehicle, especially for family or group travel. On top of everything, the availability of panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, three-zone climate control, and a premium Bose Sound System offers a soothing interior ambiance for a luxurious travel experience.

Advanced driver assistance and security features

GMC has mindfully integrated advanced technology into this 2024 Denali model. The driver’s cabin is filled with cutting-edge features that range from power-adjustable memory seats to a head-up display and everything in between. A large touchscreen infotainment system, customizable digital instrument cluster, and multi-function steering wheel elevate your driving experience. You also get to enjoy several driver assistance and security features, such as a 360° camera system, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, ABS, ECS, TCS, TPMS, etc. These driver awareness features help you have a flawless driving experience while renting.

Why Choose FriendsCarRental to Hire GMC Yukon in Dubai?

We are one of the most elite car rental companies in the UAE. Our services focus on a complete customer experience. You get to enjoy premium amenities and exemplary services throughout your rental period. We do our best to ensure a memorable experience. Especially, we offer the best GMC cars at the most affordable and sensible prices.

Rental with no deposit

Forget the pre-rental deposit management and refunds while renting a GMC from FriendsCarRental. We exclude the inconvenient security deposit policy from our rentals as it compromises the overall customer experience. Rent and drive any GMC car without requiring a security deposit. Relish the Denali rental with more freedom and flexibility. Make the most of our simple and deposit-free procedure. 

Denali with a driver

We offer luxury chauffeur services to take your luxury GMC rental to the next level. Chauffeur is a very suitable option for those who don’t possess a driver’s license. Our experienced, RTA-approved drivers will take care of your drive throughout your rental. You get to relieve yourself from the driving duties and relish the adventure from a different perspective. Explore the Emirates or attend your business meetings in VIP fashion. Leave remarkable impressions everywhere you go in your chauffeur-serviced GMC Yukon Denali.

GMC rental at Dubai Airport

Start your family adventure in the Emirates in the right vehicle. Rent GMC's luxury and spacious Yukon Denali at Dubai Airport or any other Emirates airport. Escape the hassle and inconvenience of public transport. Simply book it online using our website or mobile application and give us your flight details. We make sure you have a hassle-free transition from the plane to your Denali at the airport upon your arrival. We also offer airport pick-up and transfer to your destination within the Emirates upon request.

Multiple rental packages

You have the option to choose from our standard rental packages as per your requirements. Pick our daily or weekly rental package with mileage limits of 250 km/day and 1750 km/week for short-term rentals or monthly package with 4500 km for your long-term rental in Dubai. We also offer to customize the packages to your preferences.

Denali rental in installment 

Enjoy the luxury and practicality of a GMC Denali 2024, unlike anywhere else in the country. We offer luxury Yukon Denali rentals in installments. Drive a Denali today; make payments tomorrow. Take advantage of our exclusive rental in installments and escape the one-time lump-sum payment. Divide your payment into four interest-free installments and pay them monthly. Acquire an unmatched state of financial agility and affordability. Strike a perfect balance between your finances and your love for luxury rentals during your Emirates adventure.

Best GMC cars available for rental

GMC has some of the best SUVs and trucks in Dubai’s rental market. These vehicles are a good blend of luxury, power, and technology. The AT4 versions focus more on off-road prowess, while the rest focus on luxury and comfort. Out of many GMC cars, the GMC Canyon, GMC Sierra 1500, GMC Yukon, GMC Acadia, GMC Terrain, GMC Sierra, GMC Canyon AT4, GMC Sierra 1500 AT4, GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate, GMC Canyon Denali, GMC Acadia Denali, and GMC Hummer EV Pickup are the best models. We offer to hire these SUVs and trucks in Dubai for extremely affordable prices. Contact us for inquiries and effortless GMC rentals.

Frequently Asked Question

The general rental cost of GMC Yukon Denali 2024 starts from AED 900/day, AED 5500/week, and AED 19500/month (5% VAT Applicable) in Dubai, UAE, with us. These rental prices will change with time, from one season to another, depending on the availability of the vehicle, rental duration, included rental services and amenities, and nature of the rental packages. For instance, prices increase during peak tourist seasons because the availability of cars decreases. Similarly, short periods, premium amenities, and services are subject to higher prices. Regardless of the change, we offer you the most affordable and transparent prices for the 2024 GMC Yukon Denali rental.

If you are a UAE resident or national, you only need your Emirates ID and UAE driver’s license to rent a GMC Yukon Denali in the UAE. But if you are a tourist, you’ll need your passport, valid visit visa, home country driver’s license, and international driver’s permit (IDP). Driver’s license from the GCC countries (Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), most EU countries (Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, etc.), Australia, Canada, UK, and the USA are valid in the UAE. So, if you don't have a driver’s license from the above-mentioned countries, you will need your passport, valid visit visa, driver’s license, and international driver’s permit (IDP).

Of course, you can reserve this GMC SUV in advance. If you prefer online reservations, you can visit our website or use our mobile application. First, check the availability of the SUV. If it is available, you can send a reservation request directly from the website or mobile application. We will get back to you via email, WhatsApp, or email to confirm your reservation. We also allow you to change or cancel your reservation. You simply need to inform us of your decision on time, as mentioned in our terms and conditions. So, please go through our terms and conditions before making your reservation.

You will receive RTA-standard third-party liability insurance with this GMC. We offer the same insurance package for all of our vehicles. It’s enough to drive in the UAE. However, you can ask for secondary rental packages. Upon request, we make sure you have all the packages throughout your rental period. These additional insurance packages will cost you extra but offer greater coverage for unfortunate events while driving a Denali. Loss damage waiver (LDW), collision damage waiver (CDW), or both can be good insurance policies. Contact us for in-depth information on insurance policies for our rentals.

Of course, you can rent a GMC Yukon Denali without a security deposit in Dubai from FriendsCarRental. We don’t practice deposit policies for our cars, so you don’t require any form of security deposit, including a credit card. Additionally, we offer various credit card alternatives like debit cards, Mastercards, online payment gateways, or bank transfers. We also accept payment in cash and currencies from several countries, such as UDS, AUD, CAD, SGD, EUR, GBP, CHF, OMR, QAR, SAR, BHD, KWD, and AED. You have a wide range of options for convenience.

The mileage limit for this 2024 Denali is 250 km/day, 1750 km/week, and 4500 km/month. These mileage limits are very important during your rental period. You should always drive within the allotted mileage limit in your rental package. Exceeding the mileage limit can prove to be very costly, as we charge a minimum of AED 10/km past the limit. You should choose a suitable package to complement your travel requirements. We offer you to add extra mileage limits to your current rental package if necessary.

Yes, late return fees apply to all of our rental cars. This 2024 Denali is no exception. So, you should always focus on returning the car before the final drop-off deadline. If you are running out of time, we offer you an extra three hours as a grace period. Return your rental SUV within this timeframe and avoid the late return fee. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you should contact us as soon as possible. We will help you tackle the situation in the best way possible.

Yes, you can pick up your rental Denali from one location and drop it off at another within the country. Our pickup and drop-off services are available around the clock. So, during your rental period, you have the flexibility to change your drop-off location at your convenience. We want you to inform us at least an hour in advance. It’s the minimum timeframe we require to make the necessary arrangements to facilitate a seamless drop-off. Please note that if your final drop-off location is farther away from your initial drop-off location, we will charge you extra for our services.

Yes, you should take care of the salik (toll charges) during your rental period. You indirectly pay salik to the RTA via us. All our vehicles have their own salik accounts. So, when you drive past a salik gate, a certain amount gets deducted from the corresponding salik account. Every salik gate will charge you only once per hour. We calculate the total salik amount your car has accumulated and charge you the same amount when your rental ends. You are also responsible for other entities, like traffic fines, gas refills, and parking fees, during your rental period.

We offer you several ways to find a Denali near you in the Emirates. You should call or WhatsApp us directly for a quick and efficient rental. We deliver your SUV to your doorstep, anywhere within the UAE. If you prefer online rentals, then simply search for “GMC Yukon Denali rental near me.” You will find FriendsCarRental. Visit us, browse our fleet, and book the SUV directly from the website.

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