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Rent BMW Cars in Dubai - Convertible, Sportsd & SUV

Rent BMW car in Dubai from our largest BMW car rental fleet and Drive it all over the UAE. Book easy with FriendsCarRental and choose from our luxury car rental fleet offers latest BMW's luxury, coupe, convertible, sports, SUV and Sedan models. Tourists & residents can rent a BMW in Dubai based on their needs & preferences as we have a wide range of BMW models to choose from.

BMW rental cars are great for business travelers, tourists, car enthusiasts, family vacations, solo or couple travelers, testing before buying and special events like weddings, parties, anniversaries or romantic getaways.

One of the most prestigious cars you can rent in Dubai is BMW with lots of available options. For car enthusiasts, there are many types to choose from such as BMW 420 Convertible, BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW X6M, BMW X7 and BMW X3. A large number of motorists also admire M850i, M4, 420i and i8 models as they allow drivers to experience the real power of the renowned German brand. Other model variants are available directly on the website. Book now! We have a variety of BMW models at FriendsCarRental to meet your needs. Moreover, we make sure you have a luxurious and comfortable driving experience for various occasions.

BMW Rental Price Dubai - Competitive Rates!

FriendsCarRental is the go-to destination for BMW rentals offers multiple options for a day, week, month or custom packages that fit your needs. We give you access to luxurious BMW cars at possible lowest prices in this rental market in Dubai. We provide access to luxurious BMW vehicles at competitive rates within the market. Prices start at AED 250 per day, AED 1500 per week, and AED 4500 per month. Average costs to rent specific BMW models in Dubai, UAE:

  • BMW X5 for rent at AED 800 per day, AED 5000 per week and AED 18000 per month
  • BMW 5 Series for rent at AED 600 per day, AED 3500 per week and AED 12000 per month
  • BMW 7 Series for rent at AED 1000 per day, AED 6500 per week and AED 22000 per month
  • BMW 420 Convertible for rent at AED 700 per day, AED 4000 per week, and AED 15000 per month

Please keep in mind that rental prices can change based on rent length and availability of the car. The BMW X5 and BMW 5 Series are famous rental cars that you can consider and we always offer the best prices for your rental needs.

BMW offers a diverse lineup that satisfies the requirements and preferences of various passengers. Up to five passengers can sit comfortably in luxurious models like BMW 7 Series or BMW 5 Series. The BMW X5 SUV is a great choice for families or groups that offers both sportiness, versatility and can accommodate five passengers easily. Additionally, BMW Z4 is fit for two passengers and BMW 420i can accommodate up to 4 passengers also has an exciting open-top driving experience, so these two coupe or convertibles is a great choice for couples or people travelling alone.

Best BMW Rental Deals & Offers Dubai!

You can enjoy the luxury and performance of an Audi car without going over your budget. Look for the best BMW exclusive rental deals and promotions at FriendsCarRental Dubai. BMW is a symbol of all about luxury. It's one of the most popular luxury vehicle brands among middle-class and upper-class consumers. So, you will get a BMW car within your budget as we are offering discounted prices for BMW.
Send us an inquiry to get the best rates and special offers. Our rental packages like daily, weekly and monthly offer free delivery, servicing, GPS, child seats or airport transfers at bundled rates. By exploring these options and understanding the terms and conditions you can find the best BMW rental discounts and offers in Dubai allowing you to experience the BMW's luxury and performance without breaking the bank. Explore our website to get the best car rental deals. Check our deals page to redeem limited offer to book now.

Advantages of Hiring Latest BMW Models

Luxury and Comfort - BMWs are the pinnacle of enhancement that includes their level of luxury and comfort. The luxurious interiors of these vehicles have earned them a reputation for excellence. The interiors of BMW vehicles are known for their high level of comfort by using premium materials, cutting-edge technology, spacious design, comfortable seats and excellent sound systems combined to make for a luxurious ride. FriendsCarRental in Dubai offers the most recent BMW models for rent guaranteeing a top-notch driving experience that blends luxury, performance and dependability.

Performance and Power - BMW is renowned for its high level of performance and power. BMW vehicles provide an exciting driving experience with their robust four-cylinders, V6, V8, V10 and V12 engines. Adaptive suspension systems, responsive steering, All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) options and leading-edge driver-assistance technology all combine to make for an adaptable and exciting ride. BMWs typically have lightning-fast acceleration, from 0 to 60 mph in 3 to 8 seconds. BMW X5 and 7 Series have a high towing capacity making them suitable for pulling trailers, boats and RVs.

Affordability & Reliability: BMW rental cars are both reliable and reasonably priced making them an ideal choice for tourists and residents of various budgets. BMW rentals offer a flexible selection of vehicles to meet your needs, whether you're looking for a car for a day, week, month or longer. FriendsCarRental provides attractive discounts and rates on BMW rentals in Dubai, so you can enjoy one of these premium vehicles without breaking the bank. In addition, we offer BMW cars with RTA-certified chauffeur service for your transportation needs. Our packages come with airport pick-up and drop-off, child seats and maintenance to help customers save time and money while still experiencing the high standards of the BMW brand.

Frequently Asked Question

The costs to rent a BMW in Dubai depends on things you choose such as specific model, and any extra services or features you choose. In general, BMW cars cost around AED 550 per day.

If you want to rent a BMW in Dubai, you can choose from many different models, such as the BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW 420i and even faster models from the M Series. This choice gives people with different tastes and driving styles options.

When you choose to rent a BMW, you get a combination of luxury, speed, and advanced style. BMWs are known for their fun-to-drive nature, their high-tech features, and their stylish cabins. Renting a BMW can be fun and relaxing at the same time, depending on how you want to drive.

Usually, you'll need a copy of your passport, a current driver's license, and an international driving licence (IDL) for tourists in order to rent a BMW. Residents may also need to provide their Emirates ID and driving card from the UAE.

The rental price typically includes important things like basic insurance, regular maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. You might have to pay extra for some extra services, benefits, or extras.

It's easy to make a reservation for a BMW at Dubai Airport. You can rent a car before you get there by making a reservation online through Choose Dubai Airport as your pick-up location, choose the BMW model you want, and when you get there, follow our instructions that are given.

BMW rentals often let you choose between short-term and long-term hires, so you can meet a variety of needs. Whether you want to stay in a place for a short time or for a long time, most rental agencies have packages that fit your needs.

There are many great places to drive your rented BMW in Dubai. The famous Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina, and the scenic Hatta Mountain drive are well known roads that give you a chance to show off your BMW's skills in both city and rural settings.

Tourists can usually rent a BMW without a license from the UAE as long as they have a legal license from their home country and an international driving licence (IDL). This mixture makes sure that people follow the rules of the road in their area.

Yes, you can rent any BMW without a deposit or credit card from our extensive fleet. We let you rent a BMW X5, BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, or BMW 4 Series without a security deposit. You don’t have to go through inconvenient deposit and refund procedures. Just give us the necessary documents and set up a payment method. For payment, you have several options, like online payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cash, bank transfers, debit cards, master cards, and credit cards. You can choose any of these payment methods. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have credit; just go for other viable methods.

If you choose to rent a BMW from, you can be sure that your rental experience will be reliable and trustworthy in Dubai. There are many different BMW models available on our platform, and the prices are clear and affordable. FriendsCarRental makes sure that renting a BMW is a pleasant and unique experience by putting a lot of emphasis on customer service.